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KIRBY DESIGNS ... Portfolio
Interesting Items 3

Paths,  Veggie/Herb gardens and a bubbler fountains.                       KDs:  (650) 949-5078


Indian slate path through a veggie/herb garden and a birdbath.                                            Woodside.


A veggie garden with pots for herbs on
 the adjacent patio. 
Bean teepee in the background.   San Mateo.


A rock lined puddle with a bubbler fountain. 
Small herb garden in background.   San Jose


This is an unusual fountain,  we made it from scratch!  It started out as just a beautiful pot which matched the colour of the house. It was to have held a plant, but fortunately the owner liked the idea of a fountain. Getting electricity to the motor was a bit tough as was securing the pot to the concrete slab it sat on - very necessary because large dog enjoys drinking from it with paws on rim!  Los Altos.

A Chicken House