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KIRBY DESIGNS ... Portfolio
We love sheds!

Here are some sheds we have built.                                              (650) 949-5078
And a couple from a place near Prunedale called California Custom Sheds.


This is a storage area built to house 6 bird seed containers.
The containers can get heavy, so the bases pull out.
The bottom row contains 6 areas for recycle materials.   
In addition, a gate/screen to the right hides the AC and
one to the left hides the large green waste container.       
                                                                   Los Altos.


Here is a garbage enclosure structure. You can just toss your garbage or recycle into the appropriate gap without lifting off any lids. You open the doors to remove the bins. The enclosure protects the contents from deer and racoons.                                       Portola Valley.


This is a "before" shot of a cute little cottage in its original surroundings. We spruced up the outside of the cottage and redid the landscaping. Results can be seen on the right  =>>                                     Portola Valley.


We built a workbench to the left of the storage structure.
This is in a very hot sunny area so a small wooden
table was built to support a large umberella for shade.
A space was left behind the shed for other stuff not wanted
left around.                                        
                                                                   Los Altos.


Two sheds in Paso Robles. 
(Where's that? 30 miles N of San Luis Obispo)

For the best shed shop in the world, go to California Custom Sheds. (CLICK HERE)


This is how we dressed up this little structure. We surrounded it with roses and hollyhocks so that is is now very useful for storage as well as looking very charming.                                    Portola Valley.

Sheds built/modified/commissioned by Helen Kirby