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KIRBY DESIGNS ... Portfolio
Water Features 2

More water features.                                                                                            (650) 949-5078


A custom poured waterfall. Backdrop is blue glass bead tile, "river" is cut blue/green tile with beads
and patio is 1'sq Travertine.                                                       Palo Alto.


A tile mosaic river running accross a Travatine Patio.                                           Palo Alto.


We renovated a lovely old fountain in a rose garden in Atherton. We replaced the piping underneath the fountain (very old, coroded and almost impossible to get at!). We replaced the ancient valving system to all beds in this garden (was nine steel gate valves with 3" knobs - manifold made from 2.5" steel pipe!) to two discreet Weathermatic valve clusters and a Rain Bird controller. (Please note that KD did not design nor install the original garden - that was done about 100 years ago.)


A close up of the Atherton fountain.
We all cheered when the water finally came out of the right hole - and ONLY that one.

Water features by Helen Kirby