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KIRBY DESIGNS ... Portfolio
Examples of e-scapes.

*Click on the 'thumbnails' to enlarge the pix.*
Here are some examples of typical E-scapes as you will receive them.
This page also shows a typical plant list, a hardware list and examples of an irrigation plan and a low voltage lighting plan.
 If applicable I will include a details sheet, detail sheets can also be seen here.
On some computers the resolution of the 'thumbnails' on this page is not good - sometimes it is bearly readable! 
Just click on the "thumbnail" to increase the size of the picture to excellent resolution. 
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This is the planting plan.There is a plant list which accompanies this plan.


This is an irrigation plan. Click on the thumb-nail to see it in good resolution. A parts list will also be provided whith each irrigation plan. The list will be e-mailed as an excel page.


This is a plant list (with a key which
links  back to the planting plan).
Your local nursery can do your plant
materials estimate with such a list.
These two lists are e-mailed as
excel pages so that you can modify it.


A details sheet may accompany
your design if necessary.


Curved ornamental walls. Menlo Park.


Back garden for a house in San Mateo.
Requirement was for a children's garden,
 plants around the pool and an area to grow
 a collection of ornamental grasses.

This is a colourful shady boarder in a heavily (oak) wooded area in Woodside.


This is the hardscape plan for  the adjacent planting plan. There is a hardscape list which accompanies this plan.


This is a low voltage lighting plan. Circuits are color coded for clarity. Click for good resolution. A parts list will be e-mailed in an excel file. The price of low voltage lights is very variable, I will check with you to see if you want the perfectly good Home Depot variety, or the much more expensive ones.


This is a list of the major hardscape
materials. Quantities are calculated
from measurements on the drawing.
This is only intended to give you a
rough estimate of the cost of your
major hardscape materials.


Drawing with details of fences and gates.

Rose Garden in Menlo Park.



Back Garden in Sunnyvale

A travertine patio with pink mosaic flower steps. Menlo Park.

E-scapes by Helen Kirby