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Water Features 3

More water features.
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A tiled fountain in a coutyard.                   Atherton.


This beautiful rose garden was watered by a manual irrigation system installed about one hundred years ago! The metal pipes used were spare parts from the shipyards and built by men familiar with battleship plumbing. The original plumbing is shown below. It was a challange for even the strongest man to turn on a station, and worse, not all of the zones had their own knob, having fallen off decades ago. Opening some zones had to be done with a wrench. Watering this garden was a nightmare.


A picture of the old plumbing used to irrigate the rose garden from many decades ago untill Summer of 2007. The water originates at a well. In order to do this work we had to shut off the water via a far away, ancient valve near the well and, needless to say, this exploded upon turning the water back on! Another project! Replace the ancient shutoff valve.


Detail of one side of the courtyard fountain.               Atherton.


Entrance to the rose garden.


After we hacked off the original 3" steel pipes at the point-of-connectiion we interfaced the incomming water pipe with PVC. And off we went to some beautiful automated Weathermatic valves and a Rainbird controller. Even the Camillia cooperated for this picture! (Probably because it is a lot happier now it is getting watered regularly.)
Note the strange device comming out of the side of the old incomming water pipe. We could not match all the old threads and did not want to cut back too far in case we ended up with no possible connecting point. We used an old, but compatible part to plug up this access point.

Water features by Helen Kirby